Building With Us

The Build You Up! team is comprised of business owners and business leaders. Each consultant was chosen because of their skills & expertise but most importantly because of their personal alignment with our mission. We apply self-evaluation measures to ensure that we model & exemplify what we practice. We are a community of thought leaders with a passion for opening doors & making room at the table for others.

Meet Our Consulting Team

Jamie Johnson

CEO & Principal Consultant

Hello there, I look forward to building with you! I specialize in each of our service areas. I love helping businesses develop, evaluate and organize their policies & procedures, assess for stewardship and think strategically.





Ebony McQueen-Harris

Strategy Consultant

Hello, Rise and Shine! I am an advocate + consultant + thought leader for minority – and women-owned businesses and organizations who support such entities. I have consulted with over 90 small businesses and nonprofits helping to create pathways to business sustainability and access to opportunities

Jasimine Cooper

Social Service Consultant

You Are On The Right Page, At the Right Time. Welcome!







Our Services

Concept Ingenuity

Our team offers consultations to develop “blueprints” for clients in need of a way to plan, track & organize.

We also provide concept brainstorming sessions that foster creativity and creation of actionable steps for program, product and/or service development. Concept Ingenuity services may include multiple teams members.

Growth Strategies & Risk Management

With years of experience, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level. At Build You Up!, we combine our insights and skills to transform your program, product and/or service and in turn, your company by assessing for areas of change & growth.

We offer policy & procedure development, operations evaluation: process enhancement & process efficiency, risk evaluation, metric evaluation & strategic planning.

Social Service Commitment

Workshops & training for social service non-profits to equip staff for serving their communities. The workshops are designed for attendees to participate in self-reflections and practice empathy because it is important for social service workers to remain authentically present. Custom workshops & training can be requested.

What Our Clients Say

BYU helped me to strategize and rethink what would work best for my business to keep our programs true to our mission.

T. Fuller

I kind of had an idea of a concept but BYU took my idea to the next level. I had a very successful event!

L. Alexander