Build You Up!


Build You Up


Build You Up Academy is an online educational platform designed to provide self-paced learning and training opportunities.

We understand that many of our students want to invest in their education but on their terms. Knowing this, we have created options for learning: in person 1 day training, self-paced online courses/training and interactive online courses/training.

We will also soon offer train-the-trainer courses where students have the opportunity become the teacher.

Build You Up


Build You Up Sisters was created to provide opportunities for women of all walks of life from around the world to connect and support one another through love and sisterhood. We believe in the power of shared experiences to: foster Trust; give Encouragement; develop Relationships; and provide Support.

The need for the sisterhood was noticed when our founder, Jamie Townes became a mother to her amazing son who was born prematurely and was hospitalized for over 40 days. The many experiences she had led her to wonder about those that may not be as fortunate to have the support she did and the desire to connect and support mothers like her. 

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"There's no better way to build than to build together"-unknown