Our Social Justice Consultant

Jasimine A. M. Cooper

Jasimine is a true people person, team leader and strategist with over 10 years’ of experience using the strength based model approach to help restore broken relationships within families, developing concepts into plans, and executing those plans into successful realities. I’m adept at motivating teams, families and individuals to success!

Graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Criminal Justice, she learned that one very important aspect of criminal justice is social service. Because of this, she began working in the social service field and has held positions as a Direct Service Worker, a Lead Trainer and a Manager in the nonprofit sector of social service for over 12 years.

Staying actively involved in the care and concern of inner city youth, she also is a board of member for G.O. Girls, Inc., a non profit agency that helps youth who are aging out of the foster care system.

Currently, as the Work Readiness Manager for Landforce Inc., she is working to empower and help employ men and women with barriers to finding employment due to criminal backgrounds, socio-economic status and mental health.

Over the course of her career, she has grown  by learning strategic planning, team building, development, and implementation of programs. When success demanded it, she has played various supportive roles within organizations. As a result she has unique abilities managing multi-faceted projects and navigating complex challenges.


Photo Credit: Unknown