Build You Up!

Growing to Higher Heights Within

Concept Ingenuity

Our team offers consultations to develop "blueprints" for clients in need of a way to plan, track & organize more

Growth Strategies & Risk Management

Our team will assist your business in evaluating the various processes and strategies of your company to assess areas for change & growth

Social Service Commitment

We offer workshops & training for social service non-profits to equip staff for serving their communities

Our Purpose

Build You Up! exists to empower people from the inside out. We believe that we were chosen to do this work.  Growing to higher heights within means developing the core of a person so that their outward lives evolve as they do.   

We understand that the role of a business leader/business owner is rewarding although it has it’s challenges. Majority of time is spent on the functioning and capacity of an organization and often the leader/owner’s personal needs go unmet. A continuation of such practices impacts the sustainability and can lead to fatigue, burnout & separation. 

While we provide services for the development of a business we simultaneously offer services for the personal development of the leader. The parallel processes run in tandem. We stand on the premise of: as we Build You Up! (together, because you know you best) we are building your business & team up!

What We Believe

Our Mission

To help people and businesses grow to higher heights within!

Our Vision

To impact the world around us through creative self discovery that leads to change in business leadership & practice 

Our Values

Provide quality strength-based & systems approach services that assist with core development

Serve all clients knowing they are experts in who they are

Be a bridge in the community by connecting businesses & resources

Contact Us

@buildyouupllc + @buildyouup2